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Notice on further standardizing myopia correction of children and adolescents and strengthening supervision

All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps health and Health Commission (health and Family Planning Commission), network information office, Department of Education (Education Commission, Education Bureau), market supervision bureau, Chinese medicine bureau, and Drug Administration Bureau of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps:

In recent years, confusion in the field of children and adolescents myopia correction occurs frequently, which seriously misleads the myopia children and their parents, threatens the vision health of children and adolescents, and causes widespread social concern. In order to implement the relevant requirements of the implementation plan for comprehensive prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents issued by the Ministry of education, the National Health Commission and other eight departments, further standardize the myopia correction work of children and adolescents, strengthen market supervision, and safeguard the health rights and interests of children and adolescents, the relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

1、 Implementing the main responsibility and standardizing the work of myopia correction

In the current medical technology conditions, myopia can not be cured. Myopia can be prevented, controlled and slowed down by scientific eye use, increasing outdoor activity time and reducing long-term close eye use. Once parents find children and adolescents with abnormal vision, they should take them to the ophthalmic medical institutions for examination, and follow the doctor's advice for scientific correction.

Institutions or individuals engaged in myopia correction for children and adolescents must strictly practice and operate according to law, and shall not mislead myopic children and adolescents and their parents by using such expressions as "rehabilitation", "recovery", "reduction of degree", "cure of myopia" and "myopia killer" in the publicity of myopia correction. It shall not, in violation of the provisions of the Chinese medicine law, deceive consumers by falsely using the name of traditional Chinese medicine or by using the theory and technology of traditional Chinese medicine to seek illegitimate interests.

2、 Strengthen supervision and control, and investigate and deal with illegal behaviors seriously

All relevant local departments should strengthen communication and coordination, promote comprehensive supervision, and form a joint force of supervision. It is necessary to supervise and guide relevant institutions, enterprises and employees to strictly practice, operate and standardize services in accordance with the law. We should strengthen social supervision, broaden channels for complaints and reports, conscientiously accept and investigate and verify complaints and reports from the masses, and seriously investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations once they are found.

Health administrative departments at all levels should intensify the crackdown on unlicensed medical practice, and severely crack down on institutions without "medical institution license" and personnel without doctor's license to carry out ophthalmic medical services without authorization. It is necessary to urge the medical institutions under the jurisdiction to earnestly implement the main responsibility, standardize the work of myopia correction for children and adolescents, standardize the use of optometry medical devices, strictly abide by the requirements of the guidelines for myopia prevention and control issued by the National Health Commission, strictly prohibit the false and exaggerated publicity of medical institutions, and seriously investigate and punish the existing illegal behaviors according to law. If the quality of ophthalmic products and medical devices used by medical institutions is found to be substandard or exaggerated, it shall be timely reported to or transferred to the market supervision and drug supervision departments.

Market supervision and management departments at all levels should strengthen the supervision of children and adolescents' myopia correction advertisements, and investigate and deal with false and illegal advertisements according to law. Strengthen the information sharing and coordination between departments, and actively cooperate with departments of health, traditional Chinese medicine and other departments if professional and technical contents need to be identified. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision and law enforcement of unfair competition behaviors in the industries and fields such as glasses manufacturing and optometry products, investigate and deal with unfair competition behaviors such as market confusion and false propaganda according to law, and maintain the market order of fair competition. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision, random inspection and special rectification of spectacle products such as spectacle lenses and spectacle frames, and seriously investigate and deal with illegal behaviors involving the measurement, standardization, certification and quality of glasses and spectacle lenses, as well as those in the links of production, circulation and sales.

The administrative departments of traditional Chinese medicine at all levels should strengthen supervision during and after the event, seriously investigate and punish the illegal behavior of fake TCM medical institutions or medical personnel who publicize the curative effect of false myopia correction of traditional Chinese medicine, severely crack down on institutions and personnel that cheat the masses and damage the interests of the masses by using the prevention and control technology of myopia of traditional Chinese medicine, and strengthen the supervision of medical advertisements of traditional Chinese medicine in conjunction with market supervision and other departments. We should urge the medical institutions of traditional Chinese medicine in the jurisdiction to implement the main responsibility and standardize the work of myopia correction for children and adolescents.

Drug supervision and management departments at all levels should firmly implement the regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices and the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, strictly review and approve the registration of optometry medical devices, and standardize the scope of application and contraindications of products. It is necessary to strictly correct the misleading words such as "myopia cure" in the name, instruction or label of medical devices, and the expression inconsistent with the actual product function. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the manufacturers of optometry related medical devices, guide the municipal and county market supervision and management departments to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the business enterprises and users of ophthalmic and optometry related medical devices, and severely crack down on all kinds of illegal production, operation and use of Optometry medical devices in conjunction with relevant departments.

3、 Strengthen the propaganda of science popularization and recognize the correction behavior of children's myopia scientifically

In view of the misunderstanding of "myopia can be cured" and other misconceptions and illegal behaviors of myopia correction in all walks of life, health, market supervision, traditional Chinese medicine and drug supervision departments at all levels should regularly expose and deal with typical cases to deter criminals. Health, education and Internet departments at all levels should strengthen cooperation and actively cooperate. Through traditional media, Internet and other channels and methods, extensive campus publicity and social publicity and education activities should be carried out to inform illegal or inappropriate myopia correction behavior and possible harm, and guide children, adolescents and parents to understand myopia correction scientifically In order to improve the ability of prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents, we should conscientiously strengthen the ability of discrimination and self-protection, and consciously resist the false and illegal advertisements for myopia correction.

All levels of health, education and network information departments should strengthen guidance and inspection, and effectively standardize the publicity activities of myopia knowledge. We must resolutely stop and seriously investigate and deal with the commercial activities of science popularization. A kind of

All departments are requested to report the implementation progress of relevant work in their jurisdiction to the competent department of the system in writing before June 30 and December 15, 2019.